Introducing Life Light ONE
Safe, Effective, Non-Invasive, Drug-Free RESULTS ARE GUARANTEED!

Hear from reigning world champions Madison Chock and Evan Bates

Life Light is a cutting edge medical device.  Unlike other forms of Light Therapy, Life Light uses 4 wavelengths of light pulsed at specific frequencies to help your cells heal themselves.  We combine light therapy with frequency therapy to deliver results beyond what our competitors are capable of.  It has been tested and is trusted by medical doctors and healthcare experts. Life Light has been marketed primarily to doctors. We are now making this incredible techology available directly to patients.  Life Light ONE can run any one protocol, you choose the protocol.


Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) is used to describe a technology that uses different wavelengths and frequencies of light to feed energy into your cells so they can operate efficiently. All LLLT is not created equal. Life Light is far more effective than other devices on the market, even devices that cost $50,000+. Read More


Erik Harris – Oakland Raiders  

“With the use of Life Light not only have I cut down my recovery time but I’ve also improved my mobility and strength. Life Light has been a game changer for me and I wish I would have found it sooner.”

Stephen Piscotty – Oakland A’s  

“For most of my baseball career, I have had to play through the pain of chronic tendonitis. I have been frustrated with the lack of any ongoing effective treatment. After using Life Light’s low level light therapy system for a couple of months, my tendinitis appears to be healing and it feels sustainably better.”

Dr. Fred Workman, D.O., Sports Medicine Physician, Colorado Springs, CO 

“I have used Life Light both personally and while treating elite, world class athletes. My experience is all aspects of this device are far superior to other infrared/near infrared products available on the market.”


I’m in my 70’s. Like three generations before me, I have been severely afflicted with arthritis in one of my hands. It had become so severe that twice in the last four years I’ve visited a hand surgeon to consider surgery for replacement of six joints on my right hand. About eight months ago my physician recommended Life Light. After the first month I was virtually pain-free and able to button shirts and pants, use my thumb to turn my razor off and on, pick up items such as silverware or hold a toothpick…all with no pain and no dropping those items. I’m amazed. 


I’ve had Rheumatoid Arthritis since the age of 26. I also have Fibromyalgia and Osteo Arthritis. For many years I was prescribed anti inflammatory medicine and still had to use a cane to walk. Tests revealed complications which were the result of 33 years of anti inflammatory medicines, so I had to go off all pain medication.  I began using light therapy three times a week. After my first 3 treatments, I could feel a difference. After two weeks, I felt better than I had in over 20 years. I no longer use a cane to walk, and I’m able to go on hikes, ride a bike, and go up and down stairs, which I was unable to do before Life Light.


I began suffering from joint pain in my knees due to arthritis several years ago. The pain was getting progressively worse, it hurt to walk and sleep was difficult. I was then introduced to Life Light and within a day I started to notice a difference. After a month my pain is reduced to the point I can walk without thinking about it and I sleep much better. All this with no drugs! Thank you Life Light!

To celebrate the undefeated 2024 for Madison and Evan and launch the NEW Life Light ONE we are offering our lowest price ever at half off our normal price of $995!