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Patient Stories

What Justin share his story about recovering from back surgery and then going on a 16 hour road trip.  



Severe Arthritis

I’m delighted to provide this testimony of my experience using Life Light. I’m in my 70’s, and like three previous generations, I have been severely afflicted with arthritis in one of my hands. It had become so severe that twice in the last four years I’ve visited a hand surgeon to consider surgery for replacement of six joints on my right hand. I could just never quite pull the trigger on that, but the pain has often been unbearable. About eight months ago my physician recommended Life Light and offered to let me try it in his office for a few sessions, but I could never get there often enough to notice any results. And in the back of my mind, I have to admit that the whole idea seemed a little quackish. Three months ago, though, I rented the equipment so I could have it available often enough to use it daily. After the first month I was virtually pain-free and able to button shirts and pants, use my thumb to turn my razor off and on, pick up items such as silverware or hold a toothpick…all with no pain and no dropping those items. I’m amazed. I’ve continued treatments through the second month at a reduced frequency, and the results continue to delight me.



Achilles Tendinitis

This is a before and after picture of a Collegiate cross country runner with Achilles Tendinitis. The after picture was taken just 24 hours after being treated with Life Light’s device.

Three days later this runner ran another race and set a personal record.



27 years old- Neuropathy after chemo therapy

In 2017 I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Stage 3 B-Cell cancer, an unusual diagnoses for a healthy 26 year old. At the time I was only given the option of chemo since it was so sudden and I knew the chemo treatments were going to be very difficult (and they were). When the treatments were over I thought the pain, swelling and nausea discomfort I have been dealing with would quickly subside. Well that’s what most people hope for at least! I had no idea I was developing new health problems from the chemo during the process.

After completing my treatment with a cancer free result & discontinuing the cocktail of bad drugs that were given during my treatment. The steroids in the treatment acted as a temporary Band-Aid/stabilizer for any obvious major side effects (pain, swelling nausea) that would really come into play. Months after finishing treatment I continued to have serious amounts of swelling and pain in my hands and feet. It turns out that I developed a case of Neuropathy, which is a relatively common side effect of the ABVD chemo treatment. Since then I have taken multiple trips to the ER/Clinics that led up to nothing but another headache. Even the pain/neuropathy medication offered (which I’m no advocate for at all) has not shown me any good results or signs of relief/cure.

Needless to say, I was looking for some way to get a promising relief with no harmful side effects. Thankfully I have this amazing friend who is familiar with low level light therapy, introduced me to a unit made by Life Light. After a few 30 minutes sessions, my swelling and pain began to subside. After using the Life Light unit for once or twice a day for a couple of weeks, I found my swelling and pain reduced to a very manageable level to where I can go biking and work on my feet all day. Thank you Life Light!



Torn ACL

I first tore my ACL in my left knee about 4 years ago. I had the surgery to replace my ACL and went through physical therapy. For my job I was constantly on my feet and walking around on concrete. Per my doctor I was off work for a little over 3 months before he cleared me to return. Unfortunately I tore my ACL in the same knee again last summer. I went back to the same doctor for the same surgery and then back to the same physical therapy group. I still have the same job with the same basic physical requirements but I was cleared by my doctor to return to work after 2 weeks! The only difference between the first surgery and the second was using Life Light. I began using a Life Light unit the day after I came home from surgery. I would use the Inflammation protocol to keep the inflammation and swelling down, then I used soft tissue repair, bone and joint injuries, and dense tissue repair. I was able to start walking about a week after surgery and was walking normal by 2 weeks. My physical therapist was surprised by how quickly I was returning to normal. I did therapy for about 12 weeks and I was always progressing ahead of schedule. The therapist said I passed with flying colors, and we even completed therapy before my full amount of scheduled visits. I can’t say enough about Life Light, the difference between my first and second surgery was night and day. I hope I never have to have surgery again, but I definitely would not want to go through any kind of recovery without Life Light.



57 year old diabetic

Kevin (57 year old with diabetes) was told his big toe was going to be amputated. Due to neuropathy and circulation problems he had an infection that could not be treated. After one week of Life Light therapy his toe was less painful and showed signs of healing. After two months his toe was completely healed, the infection was gone, and the amputation surgery was cancelled.



B.H.K., A.R.T., D.C. Radocovich Chiropractic

I own and operate a chiropractic office in Canada and we have a high number of athletes, ranging from Olympians and professionals to weekend warriors. I have an office whose auxiliary equipment reflects this clientele. Having just purchased the Life Light, I myself got hurt. I pulled a calf muscle early Sunday morning while playing tennis. It was a very humid morning and I was dehydrated from a social event the night before. The pain was incredibly intense. It took me several minutes to get to my car. This was my dilemma: I had a golf match in a few hours for our playoffs in our club championships that I could not re-schedule. With the pain being so intense, it was try and play or forfeit. I decided to drive to my office and used several life light protocols for approximately one hour and a few Advil’s. I attempted to try and golf. Amazingly, with a golf cart and a significant limp, I got a round and was able to play (and win) my match. There was absolutely no way two hours prior I could have played at all. The pain went from a 10/10 to a manageable 3 or 4. Without the life light, I would have forfeited my match. It was a great personal positive outcome that allowed me to have further confidence in the therapy. Thank you Rick and Life Light.



Chronic back pain

 I have spent much of my life managing back and neck pain initially caused from a car accident. Until recently, I had very limited results. A friend suggested I try Life Light’s light therapy unit and I’m glad I did. After the first time I used it I began seeing results and this unit has now become a trusted friend of mine when pain comes calling. In addition to helping me effectively manage what is now intermittent pain, I noticed the Life Light unit had a setting for Relaxation. I try it and now often use it at bedtime to help me ramp down and drift into a good night’s sleep. Thank you Life Light!!!



Back pain and more

We have a Life Light unit at home.   At first I used it for back pain, and I have been amazed at the results.  I used to throw my back out every few months, since using Life Light I have not thrown it out in years.  Now we use it all the time with our family and every time we get it out another family member is shocked by what it can do.  We’ve used it for kids acne, sprained ankles, jammed fingers, ear infections, headaches, knee pain and even menstrual cramps.  It has become a go-to in our home.



Thoracic back pain, 6 bulging discs

I began my therapy in March/April of 2018; going twice a week for one hour each. At the time, I was having pain in my Thoracic back area, where the latest MRI showed 6 bulging discs. After 3 sessions, I could already feel a little relief. Keeping up with the therapy, using the “Universal #11 setting”, twice a week has given me freedom that I have not experienced in years.


The military puts a good amount of physical stress on our bodies, paralleled only by professional athletes (according to the BAMC Pain Mgt Psychologist). After my back injury, I’ve endured 3 back surgeries and every type of physical therapy the military medicine provides to include: massage, stretching, yoga, aqua-therapy, nerve stimulus, CALMARE, TENS, nerve blocks, RFAs (nerve burns), and even traction. With all that, I couldn’t believe that using red and infrared light could provide me so much relief- it’s amazing!


This past August, we started focusing on my Sacroiliac Joints, due to increasing nerve pain. Through alternating between my Thoracic and SI locations (an hour per each location per week), on the #11 Universal” setting, it has provided me enough pain relief to be able to work part-time…which is a HUGE improvement from this time last year.


I cannot express my deepest and most grateful appreciation for giving me my life back. I have an 18 year old, whom I’ve felt I haven’t “been there” enough for, during the last 10 years. This has made me feel extremely guilty and depressed. Your Life Light Therapy has allowed me to spend time with him- time that is precious, since he will be starting college next year. Life Light has literally saved me!!!



Calves, knees, and ankles

I started doing the Life Light around March 20th of this year as I had trouble with both calves, both knees and ankles. I couldn’t do the things that I loved to do like play basketball mainly. I am 36 years old but being in the military wore on my body. I always participate in an annual alumni basketball tournament and I couldn’t the past 2 years because of how my body felt. I would go to Life Light therapy twice a week and sometimes three times a week and focus on my problem areas (knees, ankles and calves). I kept up with the physical therapy for a little over two months and began to be able to run and even play pick-up basketball games at the local gym. I began exercising more and even started dropping weight. I was able to successfully play in the tournament and want to continue to use the Life Light therapy. It is by far the best therapy I have received over the years and being a disabled veteran, In received a lot of therapy! Thank you.



Knee pain

I am almost 60 years old with many procedures over the last 30 years, including ACL/PCL/medial meniscus + many arthroscopic meniscal repairs.  2 weeks ago while hunting I drug an antelope 2.5 miles uphill, last week I packed out 4 large bull elk. After the 3rd day of the elk hunt I could hardly walk or sleep. I used Life Light (Universal/inflammation setting) w/ice 1 hr/day. I slept much better, and am slowly improving. Prior to light I tried Ibuprofen/ice with no benefit. I know that I wouldn’t have gotten my elk this year, nor been able to return to work 2 days after packing animals out without your device…THANK YOU!


Hillary G.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I love playing music and have cut hair for several years. In 2015, I thought my days of playing keyboard and cutting hair were coming to an end because I had carpal tunnel. I wore wrist supports and tried other things but the condition kept worsening. A friend who was President of Life Light, a low level light therapy company (something I knew nothing about), suggested I use one of their light units. I used it for 30 minutes twice a day for 3 days. Much to my surprise the pain was gone and my flexibility was fully restored.  I noticed that on the light unit the LED screen showed there was a setting for scarring.  As a teenager I had some acne that left some scarring. So I thought to myself, what do I have to lose, maybe I should try that setting on my face. Well, I did and the scars are gone. I am so grateful for my friend’s involvement. Life Light has given me back more than I could have ask for.