Life Light & Soldiers' Angels

Life Light Marketing Group announces partnership with Military Veteran Charity Soldiers' Angels

We are currently seeking qualified chiropractors & osteopathic doctors to participate in a cause-related program that will support U.S. Military Veterans through Soldiers’ Angels. ( Soldiers’ Angels recently celebrated their 15-year anniversary, maintains an amazing 98% efficiency rating and supports Veterans, Active-Duty Military, Wounded Heroes & their families with 20 different programs.

Cause-related program benefits include a tax deduction for practices added to the official provider list, additional significant yearly tax savings and a new influx of referral patients. 

A limited number of providers will be selected in Atlanta, Denver, Detroit, Charleston, Orlando & San Antonio (and surrounding areas).  

Our pilot program with Dr. Victoria Chang produced stellar results for both her existing patients, as well as the Veterans referred by Soldiers’ Angels.

Life Light / Soldiers’ Angels pilot program patient testimonials:
“I began my therapy in March/April of 2018; going twice a week for one hour each. At the time, I was having pain in my Thoracic back area, where the latest MRI showed 6 bulging discs. After 3 sessions, I could already feel a little relief.   Keeping up with the therapy, using the “Universal #11 setting” twice a week, has given me freedom that I have not experienced in years.

The military puts a good amount of physical stress on our bodies, paralleled only by professional athletes (according to the BAMC Pain Management Psychologist).  After my back injury, I’ve endured 3 back surgeries and every type of physical therapy the military provides to include: massage, stretching, yoga, aqua-therapy, nerve stimulus, CALMARE, TENS, nerve blocks, RFAs (nerve burns) and even traction.  With all that, I couldn’t believe that using red and infrared light could provide me so much relief- it’s amazing!

This past August, we started focusing on my Sacroiliac Joints.  Due to increasing nerve pain, we’ve been alternating between my Thoracic and SI locations (at an hour per each location per week on the #11 Universal” setting).  Life Light has provided me enough pain relief to be able to work part-time…which is a HUGE improvement from this time last year.

I cannot express my deepest and most grateful appreciation for giving me my life back.  I have an 18-year old, whom I’ve felt I haven’t “been there” enough for during the last 10 years. This has made me feel extremely guilty and depressed.  Your Life Light Therapy has allowed me to spend time with him- time that is precious, since he will be starting college next year. Life Light has literally saved me!!!”

– Pat Jopling, U.S. Air Force Veteran  

“I started doing the Life Light around March 20th of this year as I had trouble with both calves, both knees and ankles. I couldn’t do the things that I loved to do like play basketball mainly. 

I am 36 years old but being in the military wore on my body. I always participate in an annual alumni basketball tournament and I couldn’t the past 2 years because of how my body felt. I would go to Life Light therapy twice a week and sometimes three times a week and focus on my problem areas (knees, ankles and calves). I kept up with the physical therapy for a little over two months and began to be able to run and even play pick-up basketball games at the local gym. 

I began exercising more and even started dropping weight and was able to successfully play in the tournament and want to continue to use the Life Light therapy. 

Life Light provided by far the best therapy that I have received over the years.  And being a disabled Veteran, I’ve received a lot of therapy!  Thank you.”

– David Campos, U.S. Army Veteran  

For complete details and program requirements, call Soldiers’ Angels Advisory Council Chairman Kurt Jensen at 770-635-7400.