Life Light Protocols

1) Circulation:  Blood pressure and heart. Placement of pads: Brain Stem and Heart.

2) Back Pain:  Muscular only, place directly on the area affected.

3) Post adjustment spine and back:  Place on the area that has just been adjusted. Can be used prior to adjustment or afterwards

4) Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, chronic pain:  Place on brain Stem and affected areas. Use Universal / Inflammation first, and then Chronic Conditions / Pain Combo over several days to weeks. Then switch to Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, chronic pain

5) Ailment Relief:  Place on area where infection is present i.e. sinuses, throat, and chest etc. Primary setting is Wellness Support, which can be alternated with Ailment Relief.

6) Headache:  Place on head and Brain Stem

7) Energy Booster / Brain and Spine:  Place on Brain Stem

8) Well Being and Relaxation:  Place on Brain Stem

9) Wellness Support:  Place on area where infection is present i.e. sinus infections, throat, and chest etc. Use Wellness Support as primary for infections. Can be alternated with Ailment Relief. Works well on Plantar warts.

10) Chronic Conditions:  For chronic conditions caused by disease, place on Brain Stem and areas affected. For other chronic conditions, place directly on affected area.

11) Universal / Inflammation:  Place on affected areas. Often this setting is used initially for reducing inflammation before switching to indicated setting that you are trying to treat.

12) Soft Tissue Repair (Skin and Muscle):  Wound healing, torn muscles, such as hamstrings.  Also good for stem cell generation.

13) Neuropathy and circulatory:  Diabetic Neuropathy, place on lower legs, ankles, and feet. Also works well for concussions.

14) Bone and Joint injuries:  Place on areas where injuries have occurred i.e. knee, shoulder, etc.

15) Dense Tissue Repair:  Tendons and ligaments

16) Pain Control:  Affected area and Brain Stem

17) Surface Bruising or Swelling:  Place on affected area, might want to alternate with Universal / Inflammation if inflammation is present

18) Acne / Complexion:  Place on affected areas

19) Scarring:  Works well for scarring from Acne. Can be used for scarring from injuries or surgery

20) Wrinkles:  Can reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Apply on affected areas. Helps to build collagen

21) Imperfections:  Use in the same manner as Wrinkles

22) Deep Bruising / Muscle Bone:  Place on affected areas

23) Strains and Sprains:  Place on affected areas, use Universal / Inflammation first, then Strains and Sprains. Works well on Hamstring injuries

24) Chronic Conditions / Pain Combo:  For Rheumatoid Arthritis, use Universal / Inflammationfirst, then Chronic Conditions / Pain Combo. After several weeks, switch to Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, chronic pain

25) Tendinitis, Shin Splints, Tennis Elbow:  Athletic overuse, apply on affected areas

26) Hair Growth:  Place directly on head where the hair is thinning