Cognitive Decline Research and Recovery Programs

Dr. Elizabeth Livengood

Is looking for two types of practitioners to partner with:

MDs or DOs who bill Medicare:

         Patients who are experiencing early to moderate signs of cognitive decline are welcome to join our free research program and will receive pre/post cognitive assessments plus 12 sessions of Low Level Light Therapy. The program is based on research previously done through Harvard Medical School and Michael Hamblin. 

        Another option for MDs and DOs is to recommend the 12 month REstoreU Method  program to their patients, which has been shown to improve cognitive scores by over 75%. Doctors would be responsible for signing the lab order and billing Medicare for the labs and consultations.

         Dr. Livengood would perform the pre and post-tests and provide the lab interpretation and consultation to the patient. Dr. Livengood covers all the time intensive aspects of the program and would therefore be compensated as a partner accordingly with a percentage of the Medicare payout. This is a win-win for patients and doctors. Patients can opt into the research program concurrently in order to receive their twelve free sessions of low level light thereapy included as part of the treatment program with REstoreU.

DC’s and NMD’s who treat adults but cannot bill Medicare:

           Chiropractors and Naturopathic Doctors can refer patients to the Research Program for free testing and light therapy.

           To participate in the RestoreU program, they would need to either refer patients to Dr. Livengood as above, taking a percentage of the program fee, or they could become the providing doctor with Dr. Livengood’s private-pay program and take the larger percentage.

In all cases, patients are encouraged to get a free assessment and 12 free light therapy sessions. They could choose to participate in the (separate) RestoreU Method program at any point. Doctors can also participate in either the research, the RestoreU Method program, or both.

Participating Patients.

The study includes free pre- and post- assessments. There is nothing to buy! 

The two treatment options developed out of a partnership Dr. Livengood created with Restore Uand Sonora Quest, who have an amazing treatment program for dementia, which is currently only available to people over 64. 

Dr. Livengood, is the only doctor in Arizona to offer this program to people under 65!

We are seeking qualified patients who:

* are experiencing mild to moderate cognitive decline, brain fog or memory issues

* can commit to a free 4 week research program and/or 12 month recovery program 

We are seeking doctors who would like to offer these programs to their patients.

If you have patients that are interested in this ground breaking opportunity, please contact Gregg Wright below to learn how to be a provider or how to refer your patients to these programs. You will receive a non-compete agreement while your patients are in the program.

Life Light 5.0

There is no charge or obligation for the Research Program. RestoreU Cognitive Repair is covered by Medicare for people over 64 and requires a nominal monthly fee to cover lab tests and assessments for people under 65.

Previous research has shown low level light therapy to be an effective cornerstone treatment in cognitive repair. If the testing with Life Light also proves positive, EVERY Doctor will want to be involved!

You are invited to be on the ground floor.

Contact me at the venue below for further enrollment procedures.


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